The Board of Directors


Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rathlin Energy (UK) Ltd.

David Montagu-Smith is a UK citizen, resident in Great Britain. He has over 45 years’ experience in the international petroleum industry. His career includes 10 years with Total, managing government and joint venture relations in the Middle East, 4 years with the British National Oil Corporation, setting up an international business and 3 years with Grindlays Bank, creating an energy banking department. Since 1986 David has led his own company, Montagu-Smith & Company Ltd, in the development of large scale energy projects and the negotiation of contracts and concession agreements, with a specific interest in the development of natural gas markets and power generation.


CEO, Connaught Oil & Gas Ltd.
Director, Rathlin Energy (UK) Ltd.

John Hodgins is a Canadian citizen, resident in Calgary Alberta. He is a senior executive with extensive exploration and operating experience in growing and repositioning oil and gas companies, both domestically and internationally. As CEO of Connaught he, in conjunction with the Board of Directors and executive, is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the Company. John has over 39 years of experience working in Western Canada, the Mackenzie Delta, the Scotian Shelf, the northern Rockies and midcontinent of the US, the North Sea, East Irish Sea, Celtic Sea, Northern Ireland, England, South Australia and Southwest China. Prior to Connaught he held positions with Coronado Energy Corp., Rigel Oil & Gas Ltd., Total Canada, Morgan Hydrocarbons, North Canadian Oils, Voyager Oil and Gas, Hudson’s Bay Oil and Gas, and Saskoil Corp.


Director, Rathlin Energy (UK) Ltd.

Dr Standley, a UK citizen living in Great Britain, is an exploration geologist – geophysicist with over 36 years oil industry experience. Bob has extensive exploration experience with oil companies working in The North Sea, West of Shetland, West of Britain, Norway, Georgia (FSU), Israel and on exploration studies in the Rockies and its foothills (from Montana , Alberta, British Columbia to the North West Territories and Alaska).

Prior to that he lectured in Geology to undergraduates and postgraduates in London. His engagement with Rathlin follows long-term consulting and managerial positions in Amerada Hess, Exploration Geoscience, Geco-Schlumberger, Deminex, PanCanadian, Maersk Oil and Rigel Oil & Gas.


Director, Rathlin Energy (UK) Ltd.

Dermot is an economist by training and, as an academic, he was actively involved in the public life of Northern Ireland for many years, including service as a District Councillor, as a member of the Standing Advisory Commission on Human Rights, a Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly and has held Ministerial office in the Northern Ireland Executive.

Dermot retired from active politics in 2007 and returned to academia as a Senior Lecturer in Finance in the Queen’s University Management School until his retirement in 2012. Dermot brings a great wealth of experience in the public sector.

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